The Lederhosen Maker in Berchtesgaden  




The tradition rich business of Lederhosen has existed in Berchtesgaden for over 110 years. Founded in 1888 by Franz Schweser, the business was taken over in 1935 by Hans Kurz and in 1974 the Stangassinger family took over the business. In 1999 Franz Stangassinger, Jr., who completed his Meister test as the best of the year, took over the business from his father. The store, with the workroom next to it, has always been located on the second floor of a shop in the Berchtesgaden pedestrian zone. Here you will find the Stangassinger parents and son and two other employees cutting and sewing traditional Lederhosen, jackets, and vests based on customers’ wishes as well as modern design.

Naturally you will find other Trachten articles such as cloth Lederhosen, shirts, suspenders, socks, and more. Because the artful embroidering of the Lederhosen in old designs takes a lot of time, Franz Stangassinger employees some talented women that do the embroidering at home. The palette of tailor made Lederhosen includes women’s and men’s Lederhosen that are prepared just as the customer wishes and are out of the best deer leather. The delivery time for the exclusive tailor made Lederhosen is about four month.

Lederhosen in buckskin and split cowhide are always available in many variations. You will also find all the other articles that you would need to complete your Lederhosen outfit.The Lederhosen maker has, over the course of more than 100 years existence, the best reputation for quality. Even many, many years ago famous elite customers such as Empress Elizabeth of Austria (Sisi) or members of the Bavarian royal family made purchases of products from this tradition rich company.

Even today there are many famous persons from business, culture, sport, and show business that are our regular visitors. It has always been just a bit more exclusive to wear Lederhosen from Berchtesgaden!