Dear Friends from traditional dress,   Franz Stangassinger Lederhosen


the Berchtesgadener G`wand is a proven cultural tradition handed down over centuries. All over in the world knows and one values leather shorts, jackets and shirts the way as it hands down since long time and were manufactured.

My company looks back onto one more than 125 year tradition, in which brilliant competence developed and this was passed from generation to generation. In addition I pay attention carefully to highest quality of the materials and the deerskin of which I make my unique and custon fit Lederhosen.

On the pages of this home page I would like to show you more abou my craft, above our clothing and about their production. My intention is, the old forms and original pattern our traditional dress to keep also for our descendants.

In this tradition and in traditional manner I will produce also furthermore the unique masterpieces of the real traditional dress for all inhabitants of this beautiful country and all lovers of this nation art in the whole world.

Therefor I warrant with my Name